Marketing Mattresses Online

Online Mattress Marketing

Marketing Mattresses Online

What is Amazon best known for? Online shopping. Amazon began with selling books over the Internet and delivering them through the Post Office, UPS and FedEx. Now they sell almost anything, including beds, mattresses, pillows and sheets. More than just an online store, now Amazon is a marketplace, with manufacturers and distributors posting their products on Amazon.

Likewise, eBay has expanded from an Internet auction site to a marketplace. In addition, eBay started PayPal, which has become the default pay-through platform for many online sellers.

There are a few other online marketplaces. Most major retailers with stores on the ground also have selling locations on the cloud (online). Manufacturers have jumped in also, including major bedding brands. Tempur-Pedic, Serta, Sealy and Simmons not only sell mattresses through retailers; they make direct sales too.

Most consumers have become used to shopping online. This affects the way they shop for big-ticket items in stores. When it comes to bedding, they search the web for mattresses, then search for reviews on the ones that interest them. When the consumers visit the store, they know what they are looking for. They also know what questions to ask.

The major difference between shopping in a store and shopping online is that in a store the customer can see, feel, and try out mattresses. The online-only companies offset this with generous trial periods and return policies. However, surveys show that there is little difference in customer satisfaction between shopping online or in a store.

Since 2006, BedInABox has been selling their mattresses only online. A key to their marketing is the innovation of compressing memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses to fit into a box that can be shipped by UPS or FedEx. This means that their mattresses cut out the costs associated with in-store sales by direct delivery to the buyer. Shipping costs are also reduced by putting the mattress into a smaller box.

Magniflex, an Italian company, has been compressing its mattresses, delivering made-in-Italy beds to US and Canadian customers. Several U.S. companies, such as Boyd Specialty Sleep, have also followed suit.

Since 2013, a number of startup companies have come on the scene with one, two or three models sold only online and delivered compressed, rolled and boxed. With few exceptions, these are specialty sleep mattresses. Some, such as Leesa, Casper Sleep and Yogabed, have only one firmness level. But some offer two or three firmness choices.

One company, Saatva, has innerspring mattresses with a coil-on-coil design. These are not compressible, but the delivery is reasonable. They sell online only, bypassing the retailers. Saatva also has a compressed mattress-in-a-box, Loom & Leaf, which is a foam mattress.

It is evident that shopping for a mattress online is here to stay. Several of the startups (considered upstarts by the established firms) boasted that they were changing the way mattresses are sold. It appears that they are right. Major mattress manufacturers are beginning to follow the example of the newcomers with lines sold only online.

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