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What’s New in Box Springs?

What's New in Box Springs? For many of us, the box spring is a Ho-Hum item. We buy a mattress, and a box spring is included. When the new mattress is delivered and set up, the box spring is placed on the rolling steel frame, which is adjusted for fit. Then the new mattress is placed on the new box spring. We think we know what a box spring is, so we just take it for granted. The truth is, that plain old box spring under our bed might not be as old a design as we think. It may be something...

Box Springs

Box Spring (from US-Mattress) Box Springs A box spring is a sturdy frame–usually wood–on which springs are mounted. The frame and springs are covered in cloth, usually with padding on the top and a base pad on the bottom. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the first known use of the term “box spring” was in 1865.[1] The term box spring is sometimes alternatively spelled box-spring. Making it one word, boxspring, is generally not acceptable. Traditionally, the...

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