Romantic Encounters

by Scott Braddam I grew up in a time where a 40 hour week was a 40 hour week, and everything else was reserved for home life. Where did those days go? Now, a 40 hour week is more like a 50-60 hour week and family time is whatever is left between working and sleeping. How about romance? Where does a busy person find time for a little fun in the bedroom? I have a few tips which will help you have a fulfilling time in your bed when you’re not sleeping....

Welcome to the New Bed, Mattress, and Sleep Blog!

One of the great things about being a new website is the exciting opportunities which lay before you. The new website gave us a great means to provide a ton of useful information for our readers. Our members can read reviews about beds, mattresses, pet beds, kids furniture, and even store notes online for mattresses they have looked at. You can also get some great deals on beds, furniture, and sleep products through our partners and affiliates. We designed the new site to...

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