Romantic Encounters

by Scott BraddamBetween the Sheets

I grew up in a time where a 40 hour week was a 40 hour week, and everything else was reserved for home life. Where did those days go? Now, a 40 hour week is more like a 50-60 hour week and family time is whatever is left between working and sleeping. How about romance? Where does a busy person find time for a little fun in the bedroom? I have a few tips which will help you have a fulfilling time in your bed when you’re not sleeping.

  • Always take it to the bedroom! This is a tip that many of us will overlook, thinking that we can get a little extra excitement by playing around where we could get caught. The reality is that when we move to other rooms, such as the living room, we are not any more likely to get caught than if we were in the bedroom. This is because we lock the doors and only do this when we know nobody will be home. By moving back to the bedroom, we give ourselves (and our partners) extra space and comfort. If you are overwhelmed in the moment and don’t want to take the time to interrupt your progress, then remember this: you will be more comfortable and will be able to enjoy your experience more if you take the extra few seconds to get to the bedroom.
  • Never have the TV on. Most of us have a TV in our bedroom nowadays, but we don’t have to watch it in bed all of the time. Television can certainly help to set the mood, but when it comes time to devote your attention to your partner, turn on the charm and turn off the TV. This distraction can totally spoil the mood and ruin an otherwise perfect setting for lovemaking.
  • Lock the doors and close the blinds. Even if you live alone and have no kids, a sudden surprise visitor in your bedroom is something that has ruined more than one intimate moment. A dog or cat jumping on the bed, a gust of wind startling you or your partner, or any one of a dozen other interruptions can occur.
  • Control yourself long enough to control your environment. Set the AC a little lower than normal, or turn a fan on, if you anticipate a romantic interlude. We all know that you exert a lot of energy during this act and have very little room for air to circulate. The extra cool environment before you start will help you stay more comfortable during and after your fiesta.
  • Plan ahead. If you use any accessories during your lovemaking, have them by your bed. Don’t wait for the mood to be right before going to get massage oils. You and your partner both could lose arousal if you leave their company, even for a brief moment. Food can even be an erotic item, so you would want to wait until just before the time is right to bring this to your bedroom. Keep what you need nearby so you don’t have to leave the mood behind.
  • Make time. I cannot stress enough how important this is for you. Make sure to make time for your lovemaking. A “nooner” can be a great and exciting way to relieve daytime stress from your job, but don’t create more stress at work afterwards by showing up late. Also, plan to get “fixed up” if your lunch break will used for a romantic encounter. You may need to fix your hair, change your clothes, and take a shower. This is an occasion where it is especially helpful to be in your bedroom since most, if not all, of what you need to get ready to go back to work will be handy. If a quickie is in the cards, make it a priority, not an afterthought.

All in all, take your time, enjoy your experience, and look forward to more tips Between the Sheets.

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  1. My interest is the product. Whether it comes from an upstart or a bullet force isn’t relevant to me. I’m not a venture capitalist, I’m an end-user, and as an end-user, this looks like a work in a progress.

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