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Mattress Protectors: Protecting Your Mattress and Yourself

Protecting Your Mattress and Yourself So you are buying or have just bought a new mattress. The sales person at the store, customer service rep on the phone, or the website selling the mattress recommends buying a mattress protector, too. "Why," you ask, "do I need a mattress protector?" Good question. Why or why not? We don't like the idea. For one thing, it's one more thing to buy. For another thing, we may remember the uncomfortable plastic sheets our parents put on mattresses when we...

Pillow Talk

It has been almost 4,000 years since Jacob used a stone for his pillow. Honestly, it was not the pillow that caused him to dream about angels walking up and down a tall ladder, but our pillows can affect how well we sleep, and perhaps whether or how we dream. What is the primary purpose of a pillow? To support and cushion the head. When a person lies down to sleep, the head needs to be high enough to keep the neck in line with the rest of the spine. Notice how many people who don't have a...

Romantic Encounters

by Scott Braddam I grew up in a time where a 40 hour week was a 40 hour week, and everything else was reserved for home life. Where did those days go? Now, a 40 hour week is more like a 50-60 hour week and family time is whatever is left between working and sleeping. How about romance? Where does a busy person find time for a little fun in the bedroom? I have a few tips which will help you have a fulfilling time in your bed when you’re not sleeping....

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