Mattress Protectors: Protecting Your Mattress and Yourself


Sleep Safe Mattress Protector

Protecting Your Mattress and Yourself

So you are buying or have just bought a new mattress. The sales person at the store, customer service rep on the phone, or the website selling the mattress recommends buying a mattress protector, too. “Why,” you ask, “do I need a mattress protector?”

Good question. Why or why not? We don’t like the idea. For one thing, it’s one more thing to buy. For another thing, we may remember the uncomfortable plastic sheets our parents put on mattresses when we were young children. We are adults now, but if we stay at Aunt Molly’s, she still has those plastic sheets on the guest bed.

So then, what’s the big deal that they want you to put a mattress protector on your new mattress? Look at it this way: A mattress protector is designed to – well – protect your matttress.

A good mattress is not cheap. Consider it an investment. And it has a warranty. Look at the terms and conditions on the warranty. Almost all mattress warranties say they are not valid if the mattress is soiled. Some warranties even require use of a mattress protector. “So what?” you ask. “Things don’t always stay 100% pristine.”

That’s not the point. The real concern is not that a pen or marker may have defaced the mattress cover. A stain could indicate that a liquid was spilled on and then seeped into the mattress, getting the interior wet. That liquid could cause foams to deteriorate and springs to corrode. The warranty is supposed to cover material and manufacturing defects, not neglect or abuse.

Keeping the inside of the mattress dry and clean is not just for the warranty. Moisture could promote the growth of bacteria, mold, and other undesirable things. So keeping the mattress clean means keeping it healthful.

Many mattress protectors are made to keep dust mites, bedbugs and other pests out. These also protect against pollen and spores. These unwanted guests bring in disease germs and allergens.

A mattress protector is not necessarily a plastic sheet, although there are a few vinyl ones intended for extra protection against bed wetting, vomiting, etc. Most modern waterproof mattress protectors are now breathable. Most of the materials are designed to let air through, but not water, coffee, soda or whatever. And when a totally impermeable material is used, it is a lining under a more pliable, breathable top. Many mattress protectors are also pads with cloth covers. Most can be washed.

Some mattress protectors are listed as “moisture resistant.” They are not exactly waterproof, but very close to it. Everyday risks are not a problem the hazzard has to be exceptional.

Most mattress protectors are made of polyester. Some use high denier nylon. A few, such as those made by Naturepedic, are made of cotton. At least one mattress protector has cloth treated with water repellant.

Almost all mattress manufacturers make or procure mattress protectors made especially for their mattresses. But you don’t have to buy that company’s mattress protector. Several are on the open market, not tied to any one brand of mattress. You can choose one that meets your own needs and comfort.

A few of the firms making mattress protectors are CleanBrands, Malouf (which also makes Linen Spa mattresses), Protect-A-Bed, GBS, REM-Fit, and Cadence Keen Innovations. Bed, Bath & Beyond has many brands of mattress protectors.

When you use a mattress protector, you not only protect the mattress, you protect yourself.


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