Boxable Adjustable Beds

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Boxable Adjustable Beds

For a decade, the momentum of mattress-in-a-box e-commerce has been building. From only a very few companies selling mattresses online which are compressed, rolled up into boxes, and shipped via UPS or FedEx, it has expanded to several new firms specializing in this product line. Now most major manufacturers and retailers are entering this market segment.

Mattresses are being followed by adjustable beds. Leggett & Platt had already been delivering adjustable beds to customers, but these were bulky and had to arrive at homes in furniture trucks. The lightweight model, most easily shipped, is the ShipShape.

In 2012, Boyd Specialty Sleep patented a manually adjustable up bed. This bed could by shipped in boxes small enough for UPS (it does take more than one box). One advantage of shipping a manual adjustable is that there is no heavy motor.

At the 2016 High Point Market Spring show, Classic Brands introduced its new adjustable bed. This powered base was designed to be sold with Classic‘s e-commerce boxable mattresses. Although the Classic adjustable bed can be shipped by UPS and FedEx then assembled on site, it is an upper-end model. It can be head-up or fully adjustable, and it has dual massage, zero gravity, and other premium features.

My expectation is that other manufacturers will follow suit. Adjustable beds will be modularly engineered for smaller shipping packages. The modules will be designed for accurate assembly and set-up at the other end. These will then be the new standard for adjustable beds sold online.

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