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Yogabed (Yoga Comfort System)


Yogabed is a new mattress company, one of the newest in the growing category of direct-to-consumer bedding companies (one of the oldest is Craftmatic). They not only sell directly to consumers, their advertising is direct. I first learned of them in an internet ad on a webpage. Then, when I searched them out, there were several reviews, but no articles in the major bedding and furniture news sources. This indicates that they have not yet shown their product at a trade show, such as at High Point, Tupelo and Las Vegas. Since Yogabed is so new, this may just be yet to come.

The past decade has seen mergers of the biggest mattress companies: Simmons and Serta, Tempur-Pedic and Sealy. Several individuals who had worked with these and other large bedding manufacturers discerned a decline in innovation among the dozen largest companies. They wanted to make mattresses better, so they did what many past innovators did: started their own business. For instance, the above named Craftmatic adapted adjustable beds (until then commonly known as "hospital beds") for home use and set up their own company to make and market them.

Yogabed is based in Georgia. Here they designed their mattress. Here they take orders for mattresses and have them shipped. These innovators found inspiration in the way Yoga works. Similarites were seen between how Yoga's relaxation techniques positively affect the "body, mind and soul" and how a good night's sleep has a similar effect. The Yogabed is the result of collaboration between these visionaries and an engineering team. The goal was to benefit from both the conformity (give) of one material and the resilience (push back) of another. In other words, the idea is that whether you like memory foam or latex, you'll like the Yogabed (Yogabed's foam engineers found a way to make foam act like latex without containing latex).

So far, Yogabed has one 10" mattress model. This mattress exhibits what they call the Yoga Comfort System. Why one model? In their words:

"We chose to make your life easier and put everything into one bed. The old mattress companies do a great job of presenting a line of products that encourage you to spend more to get more features. We avoided that whole approach. Instead of having you go to your local mattress dealer and wade through dozens of mattress designed to get you to step up and spend more…we give it to you in a single bed ..."

Yogabed does not yet sell foundations, but these are being developed.

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