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Diamond Mattress

Diamond Mattress is a fourth-generation family owned and operated mattress manufacturing business located in Rancho Dominguez, California. It was started by Jim & Pearl Pennington during the great Depression.  The Penningtons had moved from Oklahoma to California in 1938.  Jim began with making foundations for mattress manufacturers in a garage.

After World War II, in 1946, the Penningtons bought the Diamond Mattress Company. According to Diamond, "From the beginning, Jim and Pearl’s business philosophy was to work hard and make a quality product while maintaining excellent service and value. These values were passed on to Richard, who came to work for his parent’s full time in 1954. The hard work, honesty, and integrity of the Pennington’s led to an increase in their retailer base as well as government contracts."

Diamond Mattress has continued to grow, and now, in the fourth generation of ownership and leadership, it is the 4th largest mattress manufacturer in California. On the Diamond Mattress website, the company has listed what they call "The Diamond Difference" --

The Diamond Difference:

- 4th generation family owned & operated
- Hand-made since 1946
- Committed to quality
- Vertically integrated
- Low overhead = Better Value
- A culture of service
- Made in the USA

Today, Diamond Mattress Company produces three lines of mattresses: Diamond Mattress Collections, Cool Touch Collections, and Ethos Mattresses. Diamond Mattress Collections has ten collections. Cool Touch and Ethos each have three collections. Each of the Diamond Mattress Collections except iDream has innerspring mattresses. The Cool Touch Collections feature gel memory foam mattresses, while the Ethos Collection  features latex mattresses.

2015 Update

Diamond Mattress has revamped its website. There are three tabs on left side of the top border. The first one is the Diamond logo, which brings up the Diamond Mattress line. The second one is for the CoolTouch line, and the third is for the Ethos line. The model names essentially designate series, since each one has a choice of firmness levels with differing heights.

Diamond Mattress Collections

The lineup of mattress collections has changed. The previous list of Diamond Mattress collections was Generations Collection, Tranquility Collection, Dream Collection, Perfect Rest Collection, Specialty Firm Collection, Posture Balance Collection, and DM Kids Collection. Although this list is still at the bottom of the screen, clicking on four of the collections (Tranquility, Perfect Rest, Specialty Firm, Posture Balance) results in an error message: "404 - page not found."

The collections list in 2015 has iDream Gel, Black Diamond, Generations, CoolSpring GEL, Spinal Comfort, Dream, and DM Kids. The listed series, by collection, are:

iDream Gel: Cherish, Serenity, Revive
Black Diamond: Grandeur
Generations: Duchess, Biltmore, Escape, Relief
CoolSpring GEL: Unity, Skyline, Breeze, Melody, Cadence, Stella
Spinal Comfort: Royal Grove, Crescent Bay, Hampton, Surfside, Bella
Dream: Imagine, Devotion, Reflection, Sage, Hazel
DM Kids: Cool Kids Blue, Cool Kids Pink, ABC One, ABC Two

The models in the iDream Collection are gel-infused memory foam mattresses. In the DM Kids Collection the Cool Kids models are memory foam mattresses and the ABC models innerspring mattresses. All the other collections contain innerspring mattresses. All the innersprings are individually wrapped pocket coils.


The CoolTouch line has six series of memory foam mattresses in three collections: CoolTouchGEL (Enchantment, Harmony, Caress, Ambrosia), Classic (Vision) and Hybrid (Mirror). Each model features Diamond Mattress's Direct Contact cover design and CoolTouch Memory Foam.


Ethos is the Diamond Mattress line of natural latex mattresses. It is three collections: Organic, Natural - All Foam, and Hybrid Innerspring. The Natural Collection has only one series, Peace. Three series are in the Hybrid Innerspring Collection: Tranquility Luxury, Marigold, and Waterfall. The Organic Collection does not have separately listed series or models.

Adjustable Lifestyle Bases

For Diamond Mattress models which are compatible with adjustable beds, DM carries two adjustable foundations, Refuge Adjustable Lifestyle Base and Activate Adjustable Lifestyle Base. These are listed as being "by Body Logic." Refuge is the more-featured model and has a wireless remote.


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