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For the average Joe, a hotel is something that is a sort of necessary evil while out of town. For others, hotels are a way of life due to business travel. Regardless of why you may need to stay in a hotel, Beds.org is constantly compiling our experiences working with hotels. While other sites focus on rates, amenities, and schedules, we prefer to rate hotels based on the single most important reason that you would visit a hotel: Sleep.

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At the bottom of the page, you will be given the option to review your stay at a hotel and rate your experience on a 1 to 5 star basis.  We hope that you will include your experience with sleeping on the bed itself, so our readers can get the idea of what a night's sleep at that hotel will be like.

While it is true that the features and amenities of a hotel can help you make your decision, if you do not get a good nights sleep while you are there it can ruin your vacation or potentially cause a business meeting to be less productive than desired. Just because a hotel has an Olympic size swimming pool and big flat screen TV's does not mean that the bed you sleep in will be comfortable. Also, there are other factors which could influence your rest at a hotel. Some of those concerns are how close is the hotel to the nearest major roadway? If it is close, can traffic be heard inside the room? Are there other businesses in the area which may cause undesirable side effects on your stay?

When most of us check into a hotel, we are only there to rest and sleep, so as we review hotels on Beds.org, we will focus mainly on the factors which will help you rest better. While we will make every effort to review the amenities such as the pool and bar, we want you to have the information that is truly needed to help you find a great hotel. Since hotels can change their rates from one night to the next, we will not be able to provide that information in our reviews. 

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