Beautyrest Aircool Mattress System


It seems most higher-end mattresses these days incorporate memory foam to some extent. Memory foam has the advantage of density that provides excellent support yet enough “give” to substantially reduce pressure points in spots like the shoulder and particularly the hip. The trick is that memory foam softens under heat, so body heat prompts the foam to mold itself around the sleeper. Memory foam also does not transfer motion, so it is perfect for couples when one partner is a restless sleeper or an early riser.


The main drawback, however, is also related to heat. Because classic memory foam is a closed-cell foam and because it is so dense, it has a tendency to retain body heat. This can very quickly can make a pure memory foam mattress uncomfortably warm, and that is the major objection consumers have raised in the past. This is particularly true given the high cost of memory foam compared to other mattress materials—no one wants to pay extra money for a hot night’s sleep.


Simmons feels that they have addressed the heat issue in its Beautyrest mattress line (sometimes incorrectly written as “Beauty Rest”) with a top layer of AirCool™ Memory Foam. This product uses an open-cell foam with improved heat dissipation. The overall design of the mattress is also intended to promote air flow.  Both the memory foam and spring layers are incorporated into the Simmons AirCool™ design. Simmons shows that the coils permit much more air circulation than a solid foam core would. In addition, the outer shell of the mattress is AirCool BeautyEdge Foam Encasement which is perforated for air flow while still providing support and stability to the mattress edge. Instead of an impermeable outer casing, Simmons uses the AirCool Mesh Border Fabric and the sleep surface is covered with the Evenloft® surface, a stretchable knit material that does not have any quilting or tufting. is a proud member of these and other organizations