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Mattresses, Beds, and How We Sleep

by Wesley Vaughn   [caption id="attachment_342" align="aligncenter" width="397"] Sealy Mattress and Box Spring[/caption]   It is common knowledge that we need sleep, and that—for the most part—several factors determine whether and how we sleep. Among these factors are time of day, how tired we are, physical condition, medication, diet, amount of light, noise, vibration and motion, warmth and cold, pain and comfort. Even knowing this much, it is easy for many people to...

Adjustable Beds: Adjusting for Health and Comfort

By Wesley Vaughn   Adjustable Beds: Adjusting for Health and Comfort When adjustable beds became available for home use, they were commonly called “hospital beds.” This was only natural, since until that time adjustable beds were primarily used in hospitals. The first adjustable beds were beds with adjustable side rails, first used in English hospitals in the early 1800s. Then beds could be tilted with either the foot high (Trendelenburg position) or the head high...

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