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Simple Platform Beds

By Scott Braddam   A recent poll on our main website,, showed that about 38% of our readers prefer a spring bed over all other types. While I definitely prefer a memory foam bed, obviously some people like springs better. So how do you know what to look for in a spring bed? Personally, I am a very analytical person. I need to know what makes things tick. For that reason, I have developed a standard approach for evaluating almost anything I buy, from snacks to a house or a...

Does Size Really Matter?

Does Size Really Matter? by Scott Braddam Recently, I overheard a discussion in a bed store while I was doing some research. There was a young couple, early twenties, who were shopping for a new bed when the young lady asked “Will this [king size bed] fit in our room?” The young man stated “Sure, our room is 11’x12’, it should fit really easy.” I walked over and introduced myself to the young couple, and offered to help them pick a bed. I learned that they were moving in...

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