Continuous Coils

Serta Continuous Support Innerspring

Continuous Coils

continuous_coils_looking down rows

Looking down rows of continuous coils
Image from Bedrooms & More, Seattle, Washington

Continuous coils are the least expensive type of coils used in innerspring mattresses. According to Seattle Mattress Company, this coil type was invented by Serta. Currently, Serta is the largest user of continuous coils. Serta‘s continuous coils are manufactured by Leggett & Platt under the trade name Miracoil. Continuous coils are among the five most commonly used innerspring coil systems. The other coil types are Bonnell coils, knotted and un-knotted offset coils, and pocket (Marshall) coils (which also includes micro-coils).

Continuous coils are so-named because an entire row of coils is formed from one continuous wire (see picture above). Each row is tied to the next row by a spiral (helical) wire. The wire forms one coil going up and the next going down, which means the coils are paired, The helical wire also links one end of a coil pair to the end of the next pair in the row (see picture below).

continuous_coil_innerspring unit

Continuous coil innerspring unit
Image from Bedrooms & More, Seattle, Washington

The benefits of continuous coils include affordability, durability, stability, and consistent support. They also enable greater coil density, which makes support smoother. As with other coil systems, the goal is to enable the users to experience quality sleep.

The principal drawback of continuous coils is that motion is transferred along the row. For this reason, coil rows usually run head-to-toe. The helical connection of one row to another acts like a hinge, providing more flexibility across the mattress to lessen motion transfer between sleeping partners. This also reduces the load carried by each individual coil.

Some mattress models have rows of continuous coils both lengthwise and crosswise. This significantly increases coil density, enabling the mattress to support more weight.

Most mattress models using continuous coils are in Serta‘s Perfect Sleeper collections. These were engineered in cooperation with the National Sleep Foundation.


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