Importance of Best Mattress for Overall Health

Importance of Good Mattress for Overall Health

‘A man without ambition is like a bird without wings’; in the same way a bed without mattress is like a sleep without leisure.

As the race for money and status is soaring, the only time to collect oneself is the bedtime, and hence the quality of bed mattress cannot be compromised.

Benefits of a Sound Sleep:

  1. Sleep helps reduce stress
  2. It helps you keep your heart healthy.
  3. Overall blood circulation in the entire body is improved.
  4. Disappearance of any time of pain
  5. A sound sleep acts as a painkiller.

Sleeping on the wrong type of bedding can damage your body and even jeopardize your overall health.

Mattresses are essential factor in achieving a good night’s sleep. The word mattress is derived from the Arabic word maṭraḥ which means “something thrown down” or “place where something is thrown down”.

We normally do not give much thought to our bed. As long as it has soft and thick casing, it works for us. However, if we are facing sleepless nights, feeling irritable upon waking up and suffering back pains, it may be the time to replace your mattress. Lack of sleep can cause depression, increase in weight, insulin levels and problems with learning and memory. A lot of road accidents are linked to drowsiness.

Mattresses are of two types, single sided and double sided.

Single sided Mattress: One-sided mattresses feature a base layer with foam or other comfort materials stacked on top. To avoid the wear of the mattress and to ensure extended life span it is recommended to rotate the side by 180 degrees once every four months.

Double sided mattress: In double-sided mattresses, the supportive coil system is in the center with comfort layers on either side and hence double sided mattress can be twice as thick as single sided ones. Hence, these mattresses are more expensive. Some people still prefer two-sided mattress as they feel that flipping a mattress is the only way to ensure the longevity of the mattress which is inappropriate.

Because of their low cost, less maintenance and more durability, people now a days prefer single sided mattress.

Skepticism vs Reality:

Some skeptics argue that the life span of the new single sided mattress is less than the predecessors. The materials used for mattress manufacturing maybe the reason for that. So, one needs to be very careful in choosing the best mattress from all the different options available in the market, say Latex Mattresses, Memory foam mattresses, tempurpedic mattress to name a few.


Along with good nutrition and exercise, sleep is also recognized as an important contributor to good health as Lack of sleep and poor quality sleep contribute to depression, poor concentration, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In order to live longer and healthier, try to give yourself as much sleep as you can and lay on best mattresses. You will surely wake up happy and rejuvenated.

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