Is Your Mattress the Package of Comfort?

A Good Mattress

You spend a third of every day in bed. Do you wake up with a feeling of uneasiness? Your sleep determines the quality of your life. There is simply so much to do, but one has only so much time. Your body needs sufficient sleep every day to rejuvenate and to provide vital energy for the next day. Choose the right mattress for a sound night’s sleep.

Michael Decker, an associate professor at Georgia State University says, “A mattress can impact a person’s sleep.” A good mattress can help you in getting quality sleep and getting relaxed and refreshed. It prepares you for the next day. However, the wrong mattress can cause back pain and kinks in your neck.

According to a poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, about 92% said that a comfortable mattress is important for proper night’s sleep. If you suspect your mattress is affecting the quality of your sleep, then it is the time to buy a new one. Choose the next mattress carefully to de-stress yourself.

How will you know if you have a bad mattress?

1. The Age of Your Mattress

Old mattresses may be the cause of stress and poor sleep. A typical mattress has a lifetime of 7 to 10 years. Mattress that is older than a decade has lost its ability to support and comfort.

2. It Is Uncomfortable

If you are not getting the quality of sleep that you deserve & you are not able to fall asleep with ease; it is time to replace your bad mattress.

3. You Wake up with Neck and Back Pain

If your mattress is causing you discomfort that leads to neck pain and back pain; it means your mattress is no longer supporting your spine and it is time to get a replacement.

4. Deformation

If you are not able to sleep in your preferred sleeping position due to deformation in the shape of the mattress & your mattress has gotten lumpy; it is definitely a bad mattress and needs to be replaced immediately.

Therefore, the time to bid good-bye to the mattress that served you well has arrived. Now the hunt for the new mattress begins that can provide you comfort and support.

Here are Some of the Qualities of a Good Mattress

1. Comfort

Comfort is probably the default characteristic that every person tends to find in the mattresses. When you spend at least 8 hours on your mattress, it plays a vital role in defining the structure of your backbone. Significant reduction in the back-pain and neck-pain can be observed if your mattress is providing you a quality sleep.

2. The Coils or Base Foam

Coil springs and base foam partly determine the firmness of a mattress. They at least determine the underlying support. Springs have been a part of mattresses since the 19th century. Products launched with spring innovations are likely to be accepted by consumers. However, one should rely on one’s instinct in the selection of the correct mattress for support and comfort!

3. Memory Foam Density:

Density is one measure of the quality of the foam in a mattress. A higher density mattress has more foam in each cubic foot, resulting in increased weight as compared with a mattress with lesser density. You are free to select the correct mattress as per your personal preference. Higher-density foam is usually firmer, and lower-density foam is usually softer. This determines the effective firmness of the mattress (what you feel as you lie on it).

A Matter of Choice

The best mattress is a matter of choice and a key to good health. Choose carefully, sleep well, and live refreshed.

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