Solstice Mattress – A Perfect blend of Comfort and Luxury!

Solstice Mattress

Getting a proper sleep everyday rejuvenates the human body. Sleeping helps the body to repair and recover from the energy expended during the day. If your bed is comfortable then it allows the brain to go into a REM sleep.

Looking for the right mattress can be very time consuming and tiring. Solstice mattress offers a wide range of products that are comfortable and luxurious at the same time. Its premium products offer a wide range of designs in various Mattress comfort layers.

The Solstice mattress offers its products for many bed types that include King-sized beds, Super-king sized, double sized beds, twin beds, single sized beds etc. Solstice mattresses are available in different bed types for different requirements and provide exception support to the body.

Features of Solstice mattresses are:

Duraspring Elite Innerspring – The Latest coil-design technology which has a unique alternating coil layout that offers support to the lumbar zones of the body allowing for a peaceful sleep. The innerspring coils support movement and contours in accordance with the body.

Ultra Gel Quilting Foam – This Gel infused foam offers better layers for support and comfort. It helps the body in pain and pressure relief during night’s sleep and is more durable than regular foam due to its high level quilting gel.

Fire Resistance Barrier with Soft Loft Foam QuiltingSolstice mattresses contain fire resistant barriers which are made from fibers that are natural and synthetic. Developed for your peace and comfort fire resistant products are highly rated in Solstice mattress reviews.

Visco Memory Foam Support – Visco memory foam is made from polyurethane. It is designed to have an increased density then regular foam. This foam is temperature sensitive and conforms according to the body. It retains its original shape after use. It provides luxury and dependable support and helps in a comfortable and refreshing sleep.

Ultra Comfort Support Upholstery – The outer upholstery is designed to provide extra support to the other layers of the mattress. It provides durability, absorbency, strength with warmth and comfort.

Total 360 degree encased construction – Solstice mattresses have a 3” perimeter that encase the inner spring, the gel infused foam and the frame of the mattress. It reinforces the perimeter of the mattress and helps secure the comfort layers in proper alignment to improve the support and function of the innerspring.

Unsure on which mattress to choose? Take a look at the Solstice Mattress review online! It will give you a better understanding of the product and come to a decision quickly.

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