Top Three Memory Foam Mattress Technologies Compared?

Best Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress is very popular in the market. This mattress is known for its ability to reduce pressure points that deliver a high customer satisfaction rate. There are three major subcategories of memory foam mattress i.e. traditional, plant-based and gel based. The best way to choose is to make a comparison between the three and then make the final decision.

The memory foam mattress is a better alternative than the inspiring mattress. They are expensive but defiantly worth a try.

Types of Memory Foam Mattresses

The Memory Foam Mattresses can be subdivided into three major categories:

Traditional Memory Foam: The traditional memory foam mattress has been around for a really long time. These mattresses are made from petroleum-based products and follow a production process that is highly identical to how they were first made.

Gel-infused Memory Foam: The gel-infused mattress is relatively new and has a combination of gel and traditional memory foam. The gel can be infused throughout the mattress or may be within a particular layer.

Plant-based Memory Foam: The plant-based memory foam was developed to address the issues associated with the use of memory foam mattress. These concerns include the release of VOC’s, heat and the response rate of traditional memory foam. These mattresses feature a large cell structure that addresses the issues and allows better breath ability.

Major Issue Compared

Heat retention: Excessiveheat is a major issue for somememory foam mattress No one likes to feel warm when they are trying to sleep. The manufacturers always try to reduce heat retention in the mattress. Here are the details:

1. Traditional memory foam mattresses receive the highest number of complaints. Yet it is produced in the same manner as it was first developed. Only a few manufacturers have tried to reduce the impact by cutting holes in the foam and using convoluted layers but this seems to have a minimal effect.

2. The Gel-infused memory foam manufacturers have reported that their mattresses produce less heat than the traditional memory foam mattress.The gel technology allows the heat to be passed through the gel that leads to a heat-free experience.

3. Plant-basedmemory foam mattress owners have effectively addressed the issue by creating a 10X increase in breathability over the traditional foam. This is due to the open cell structure and neutral temperature properties of this type of foam.


The price and value of the mattress should also be compared when it comes to purchasing the right mattress. The Tempurpedic and Serta price their beds at a higher range that starts at $1500 and $1150 for a queen size bed. However, at Amerisleep the entry-level cost is $ 849.

Your personal taste and preference will always be the deciding factors but it is also important to consider the above-mentioned factors to make the final choice.

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