Vera Wang by Serta Collection: Designed to Encourage Deeper and Restful slumber

Vera Wang by Serta Collection Designed to Encourage Deeper and Restful slumber

The concept of mattresses developed during pre-historic times. Humans in earlier days used piles of leaves, straws & animal skins for a comfortable & sound sleep. As people shifted from nomadic hunting to a settled, agrarian lifestyle, primitive furnishings including beds began to evolve.

Bed, deemed as the most important furniture in the household is incomplete without comfortable mattress. Until 20th century, lumpy pads filled with horse hair, cotton or rags were used to manufacture mattresses. Stabilizing interior spring mattresses first developed during mid-1800s. Since then it has evolved over time.

Comfortable & supportive mattress is something most of us take for granted. Mattress shopping is not a child’s play. It requires a lot of research on the level of comfort it offers, the prizes, its sizes & a lot more. Purchasing a mattress without doing proper research can lead to sleepless nights & achy mornings.  The overwhelming mattress choices available in the market can make the hunt for the right mattress that meets your requirements and budget tricky.

Vera Wang by Serta Collection however is an exception to this rule. It offers an extensive array of mattress collection to make this decision process easier for any customer. The Vera Wang Mattress collection is a close collaboration with the renowned clothing designer Vera Wang that embodies a deep appreciation for style, comfort & unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.

The Vera Wang by Serta mattress collection was launched by Serta and the Vera Wang Group in spring 2006. Since its inception these mattresses have earned strong customer reputation. These mattresses offer an alternative to the inner spring concept & deploy the best in Latex & Memory Foam to provide a whole new level of comfort & support.

Features of Vera Wang Mattresses by Serta Collection

Serta uses some of the most advanced comfort & support features in the Vera Wang mattresses to offer you a deep appreciation for style, comfort & wavering commitment to craftsmanship. These include

1. Organic cotton cover enhanced by Aloe Vera to provide silky smooth feel & hydrating qualities.
2. Free flex innerspring with custom support to provide you the best comfort.
3. Outlast Smart Fabric technology that regulates body temperature.
4. Total edge foam encasement or extra edge-edge support that prevents breakdown along the edges of the mattress by extending the sleeping surface.
5. StabL-Base double beam foundation provides consistent support across the bottom of the mattress & also enhances the durability. This unique construction isolates sleep motion & hence prevents the disturbing ripple effect caused due to partner’s motion.
6. The Vera Wang mattresses by Serta Collection undergo rigorous durability tests & come with 10 years of warranty. Moreover these mattresses have a strong reputation for services & returns giving customers stupendous opportunity to examine the mattress for an extended period.

The unique construction of these mattresses ensures proper spinal alignment to help support your back. The temperature control, solid support, affordability & pressure relief features offered by these mattresses help reduce pressure build up that can cause discomfort.

Vera Wang mattresses by Serta Collection is committed to value comfort and quality over money. If budget is the reason for you to continue to doze on less –than –ideal-mattresses, then these cost- mattresses is the ideal solution.

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2 thoughts on “Vera Wang by Serta Collection: Designed to Encourage Deeper and Restful slumber”

  1. I searched for these mattresses online, and it is not available except for old mattresses being re-sold. This collection was discontinued at least 2 or 3 years ago. All the Beds-dot-org reviews of Vera Wang by Serta mattress say that the Vera Wang Collection website no longer lists mattresses.

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