European Wood Slats

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European Wood Slats

In Europe, the preferred foundations have several closely spaced slats made from a springy wood, such as beech. The resiliency of the wood makes the wood slat foundation absorb shock, much like a box spring. The springiness of wood can be felt walking over a wooden floor as opposed to a concrete surface.

Unlike the box spring, a wood slat foundation does not depend on metal, making it preferred by persons wary of the amplification of electromagnetic radiation (radio waves). This same motivation inspired the recent development of wood springs. Wood slat foundations are now being made and sold by mattress manufacturers in the United States, such as European Sleep Works (ESW). The “Flexible Slat System” made by ESW is adjustable so the users can make it customize the response.

There are bed frames using wood slats which do not qualify as European wood slat foundations because the slats are not close enough to each other. In other words, the gaps are too wide. With a slat foundation, if the slats are spaced closely enough they can be used for memory foam mattresses. They also provide better support for innerspring mattresses as well. No matter the kind of mattress you have, it needs adequate support to help support you, the user, and to extend the life of the mattress.

A wood bed frame with widely-spaced slats can very well elevate a foundation, but it cannot take the place of a well-designed, closely-spaced European wood slat foundation.


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3 thoughts on “European Wood Slats”

  1. Can you supply for purchase a european flexible slats for a bed 82 inches wide by 32 inches deep?

    I do not need a mattress bu I do need the adjustable slats.

    Please advise cost and if feasible

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