Key to Good Sleep and Happiness: Comfortable, Durable and Pocket Friendly Mattress

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What Is the Key to Happiness?

Have you ever wondered what the key is to happiness and well-being? Some of you may give money as the top priority.

A study conducted by a renowned Journal revealed something out of the ordinary. In the survey, people were asked to choose between money and sleep. The result of the experiment depicted clear support to a sound slumber.

The Key: Good Sleep

The Living Well Happiness Index, a major choice of innovative research developed by the National Center for Social Research and Oxford Economics in the UK, brought out into the open that a person’s happiness and well-being are strongly associated with sleep – well above money!

Finding Sleep in a Busy World

In the fast-paced competitive world, the constantly striving, hard-working and dedicated ones are felicitated and glamorized. It has conditioned us to reckon that the pursuit of material success and fruitful life is to sacrifice our leisure. We seldom realize the consequence of this “less sleep and work harder” mentality.

Sleep and Health

We do not value the importance of taking the time for a good night’s sleep until diseases and chronic insomnia set in.

Sleep is the foundation for health, happiness, productivity, memory ability, decision-making, creativity, and performance. In fact, if a person sleeps properly he/she may contribute more towards the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Another survey revealed that if every American sleeps an hour more per night, it would add $226.4 billion to the US economy.

Why Sleeplessness?

There are many possible reasons for sleeplessness, such as mental tension, depression, medical conditions, or bad mattress choices.

The Solution: A Good Mattress

If the last one is the cause of hardship in falling asleep, then we have a solution to your problem. Find a mattress from a reputable company. One that’s well-designed, well-put-together, made of quality materials, and made in America or Europe. One that’s pocket-friendly too.

There are many mattress companies reviewed on Many mattresses have reviews by mattresses owners.  You can much learn about these mattresses before you find one right to buy.

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