Sleep Deeply without the Deep Pockets

Sleep Deeply without the Deep Pockets

“Comfort”, “ Pocket friendly”, “Space Age”, “No Motion Transfer”, “Best motion of your life”

Finding a mattress that best suits your needs & budget can be tricky. The plethora of mattress choices available in the market makes it difficult to figure out which brands and models offer appropriate comfort & durability you long for.

Relying on buzzwords coined by manufacturers is not the solution to the problem. Buying a best mattress without doing your research can lead to sleepless nights & achy mornings. Inappropriate selection can also cause you to lose your hard earned money.

To figure out the best mattress, you first need to find answers to questions about whether your current mattress offer enough comfort. Do you wake up rejuvenated in the morning? If you ended up here, probably you are experiencing some sort of restlessness or pain from your current mattress. We will help you determine which one is right for you.

We have put together all that you need to know before you hit the high street or browse the web. Read on to discover which one is best for you.

Guide to Choose Comfortable Mattress

The level of firmness needed for a comfortable sleep depends on your preferred sleeping position.
1. Soft: Soft mattresses are preferred for side sleepers as it supports & contours your body’s curves.
2. Medium: Mattresses with medium firmness provide excellent support to your spine, back & neck & hence is a perfect option for those who sleep on their back.
3. Firm: If you sleep on your stomach, firm mattresses are a viable option as it keeps your spine aligned.

What type of mattress is the best?

1.Open Spring Mattress: Open-coil mattresses are made of single springs fixed together by one wire.


• Relatively cheaper
• Light -weighed


• Less supportive & less comfortable as compared to other mattresses.
• Less durability
• Non-resilient to ripple effect

2.    Pocket Spring mattress: These mattresses have up to 3000 individual small springs sown into individual fabric pockets. As each spring moves independently it offers more support than open spring mattresses.


• Adjustable firmness by tweaking spring tension
• Resilient to ripple effect
• Evenly distributes body weight
• Appropriate air circulation that prevents heating or cooling effects.


• Natural materials used for mattresses manufacturing like lambswool are prone to dust mites that can exacerbate allergies.
• These beds are heavy making them difficult to turn & twist.
• Springs can rust and reduce life of these beds

3.Memory foam mattress: Topped with the layer of temperature sensitive memory foam, these mattresses have hypo-allergenic properties. Hence, it moulds to the body contours, absorbs your weight & relieves pressure on your joints.


•    Apart from the benefits mentioned above, these beds offer comparatively more durability as there is no risk of rust.
•    Ideal for those who need support or suffer from a bad back as it will align your spine horizontally & maintain posture and when sleeping on your side.


• Users can get easily warmed due to limited air circulation.
• These beds are cumbersome to move due to their weight and heft.

4. Latex Mattress: These are a blend of synthetic & natural latex that mould to the body contour.


• Resistant to molds, dust mites, bacteria & bed bugs.
• Appropriate air circulation that prevents heating or cooling effects
• Durable & Breathable
• Offer pressure relieving support
• Conforms to the curves of the body & disperse your weight evenly across surface.


• These mattresses are a little firm that’s not likely to please someone who is looking for a softer & more cushioned night’s sleep.

The only thing more exhausting than sleeping on a poor quality mattress is purchasing a new one. However, if you are sure about the type of mattress you need the cumbersome task of mattress selection is greatly simplified.

So don’t be skeptical, call us or visit us online and we are here to help you select the most comfortable & best mattress, for we care for your sleep.

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