Sherwood Mattresses: A Mattress Brand that Provides Great Quality Beds


After a tiring day at work, we all need an adequate amount of rest to stay healthy. Researches show that lack of sleep or disrupted sleep can have a long term effects on our health. Mattresses play an important role in determining the nature of sleep. Sherwood mattresses feature innovative craftsmanship and technology to experience a great night’s sleep.


Sherwood bedding, a third generation American manufacturer of private label mattresses started in 1970. Since then, the new manufacturing methods and creative management practices has led the bedding industry to deliver quality mattresses through innovative craftsmanship and technology.

Sherwood mattresses manufacture all types of bedding to provide various options to the customers to choose from. This includes pocketed springs mattresses that provides excellent support, Memory foam beds for pressure relief, and latex mattresses which act as a coolant and provide protection against allergens, bacteria and odor.

Every assembled mattress regardless of the model has the same high quality standards. Sherwood bedding produces products that are great in quality and low at cost.

Construction of Sherwood Mattresses and Its Types:

Mattresses from Sherwood are made of organic, sustainable fibers, and are designed to enhance comfort. The manufacturers design the following mattress lines:

Camelot: Encased in foam these mattresses are very stable and comfortable. The mattress top with an embedded pillow is also available that provides a great sleeping experience.

Dover: These mattresses feature double offset coil that delivers firm support

Essex: The Sherwood Essex mattress is designed using Verticoil, a patented technology that is proven to provide excellent support.

Luxuria: The Sherwood Luxuria beds are manufactured to deliver unprecedented sleep experience. These beds blend state-of-the-art technology with superb quality to make beds luxurious and comfortable.

Sherwood mattresses also produce gel pillow top mattresses that are hypo-allergenic and deliver natural pressure relief.

Why opt for Sherwood mattresses?

Sustainability: From organic, sustainable fibers to naturally derived foams, Sherwood Bedding searches the globe for innovative materials that enhance comfort.

Diversity: Sherwood mattress is among the few bedding brands that provide options ranging from material to design, giving customers a wide range of options to choose from.

Durability: Materials used in the bed construction provide these mattresses long term durability. These mattresses come with few years warranty. Within this period you can get your beds replaced for genuine reasons.

Regardless of the mattress type, Sherwood mattresses manufacture beds using high quality materials which not only enhances mattress durability but also are great in comfort and support. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to discover what makes Sherwood Bedding products superior to any other mattress on the market, we invite you to visit a retailer near you.

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