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About one third of human life is spent sleeping. It is said that the probability of a person’s death because of sleep deprivation is more than food deprivation. Getting a sound sleep is therefore recognized as an important contributor towards good health. To achieve this rapid eye movement bliss choice of mattresses play a vital role.

A premium quality bed selection from skilled manufacturers such as Tommy Bahama Mattresses can improve the sleep quality immeasurably. The beds of this brand not only offer best comfort but are also known for best designs and styles ranging from traditional to contemporary. Tommy Bahama Mattress collection emphasizes on body comfort, rest, relaxation and provides a unique sensation of floating along with gentle support.

Tommy Bahama Mattressesare available in a variety of sizes and comfort levels andfeature:

Encased Coil: Encased coil mattresses provide exceptional support and comfort required for a good night’s sleep. These beds have the ability to keep you up to 30% cooler as compared to other mattresses.These individually wrapped fabric encased coils prevent sagging, hence minimizing any  disturbance permitting a deep night’s sleep.

Floating Foam: Floating foam mattresses use high density polyurethane foams that provide a firm base, evenly distribute the body weight, and support back/ spine alignment. Tommy Bahama’s manufactured Floating foam mattresses sets the stage for preventing and relieving pain. These beds contour to the body to provide proper alignment and optimal support to the body.

Natural Latex:Tommy Bahama’s Natural Latex foam mattresses are derived from natural rubber tree sap. These mattresses prevent and reduce body ache and provide perfect support to deliver ultimate comfort to the body. Natural Latex beds are anti-microbial, resistant to molds and dust mites. Furthermore, these mattresses provide good pressure distribution that help regulate blood circulation. This is a huge bonus for health and wellness as well as keeping pain at bay.

Gel Latex: Gel infused latex mattresses incorporates layers of gel that reduces heat buildup, enhancing the overall comfort of the body.Tommy Bahama’s Gel latex beds are durable, provide extreme comfort, lack odor, and also provide motion isolation

Gel Memory Foam: Gel memory foam mattresses are manufactured from viscoelastic materials with gel infused in it. These mattresses enhance air circulation, allowing heat to escape and hence provide cooling comfort.

Combining latest sleep technology with Tommy Bahama mattress collection provide a spirit of relaxation and promote a lifestyle that emphasizes comfort and rest. The unique collection features a variety of refined and ecstatic pattern that provide plush comfort and exceptional support. Manufactures along with facilitating luxury and comfort are also concerned about the cost to make the mattresses affordable to the population.

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